Enter up to 12 Rack Letters including 2 Blanks, 4 Board Letters, and even Double and Triple Letter Scores!

Search History allows you quickly go back through previous searches.

Multiple Games support allows you to play games in different languages easily. Use Scrabble Helper as a language learning tool. (Translations coming soon!)

Extending Searches find words extending existing words or crossing multiple board letters e.g. B??D

Include Double/Triple Letter Score spaces in searches and word scores will adjust accordingly e.g. B??3

Application runs in Status Bar for quick access within games. See your game and letters from within Scrabble Helper via the custom Transparent Keyboard. Preview words against the game board without having to switch back and forth between the apps.

Sort the results by Length, Score, Board/Blank Letter or Letter Position in order to find the best playable word. Board and Blank letters are highlighted in results and preview screen for easy reference.

Suports the following dictionaries:
English International (CSW2012)
English International (SOWPODS)
English USA (TWL06)
English USA (TWL98)
English North American (ENABLE)
Words With Friends
French (ODS4 & ODS5 & ODS6)
Italian (Zingarelli)
Dutch (TAAL)
Spanish (fise2009)
Swedish (SAOL)

Look up Word Definitions directly from the search results (English only – uses Wikidictionary)

Use the Word Judge to check validity & definition of any word quickly.

Custom Scoring for Scrabble, WordFeud, Words with Friends and Words by Post (Angry Words uses Scrabble scoring).


Android Help
iOS Help


If you are having trouble using Scrabble Helper, or would like to make a suggestion, please send me an email.



Scrabble Helper Android Update v2.1.9


1046 days ago

New in Version v2.1.9 Word Judge & Preferences now in Action Bar (at top) Added New Dictionaries: Danish! English CSW2012 French ODS6 German Updated Dictionaries: Dutch (TAAL) Norwegian Swedish (SAOL) Updated to ICS SDK Resized Tablet Layout with larger font … Continue reading

Scrabble Helper for iOS launched!


1058 days ago

Scrabble Helper is now available on iOS Devices. If you have an iPhone be sure to check it out. Word Helper for Scrabble

iOS Help


1191 days ago

The following Help is for Scrabble Helper Pro – some of the features described here are not in Scrabble Helper Free. Rack Letters These are the letters you have available in your game rack to make a word with. You … Continue reading

Scrabble Helper Version 2 Feedback


1251 days ago

I’ve recently noticed about 30% of Scrabble Helper users have not yet updated to Version 2. As Version 2 is faster and has more features, there must be specific reasons holding people back. Let me know your reasons for not … Continue reading

Faster Searches!


1251 days ago

Thanks to some help from Lukas over at WordFeud Tournament, the search algorithm has been further optimised making search times even faster. The mean (average) search time on the server has been reduced from 1000 milliseconds (1 second), down to … Continue reading